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Marketing Analysis and Design

Helping You Define Customer Loyalty - One Program at a Time

Fostering better relationships. Isn't that what customer loyalty programs are all about? However, to build those relationships you must first develop a program that closely aligns itself with your marketing objectives. Thatís where Loyalty Technologies can help.

With years of technology expertise and an excellent understanding of marketing, we can design actionable and reliable programs that meet your specific marketing needs. And, with our strategic analytics, you can be sure your program will be on target and producing the information you need to understand, identify and retain your most profitable customer relationships.

Our philisophy is based on the belief that you acquire customers with the intent to retain, and retain customers with the intent to grow them profitably. With this in mind, we offer:
  • Customer Acquisition
    • Target Analysis
    • Lead Generation
  • Customer Retention
    • Loyalty Program Design
    • Winback
  • Customer Growth
    • Cross-sell/Upsell
    • Promotional Marketing
    • Revenue Stimulation
    • Margin Optimization