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Data Analysis

Power Analytics that Make a Difference

Without insightful analysis, what good is your data? At Loyalty Technologies, we understand that fast and accurate data analysis is one of the most important components to unlocking the potential of your customer database.

Our analysts take a thorough and perceptive approach to interpreting your data. We start by partnering with your IT, marketing, sales, business analytics and finance teams to ensure strategies are aligned and the proper data is captured. Then, we work closely with that data from the ground up so we can accurately model "what if" scenarios for value-added analysis. Finally, our overall data interpretations allow you to further understand your customers so you may better meet their needs.

Examples of the analysis work we do includes:
  • Customer Value Analysis: Establish value of customers based on current and historical margins.
    • Lifetime Value
    • Net Present Value
    • Click here for a case study.
  • Churn Modeling: Analyize historical customer defections to create forward-looking churn estimates.
  • Flexible Offer Tools: Design offers based on customer value, churn, and demographics. A powerful tool to get the right offer to the right customer at the right time.
  • Acquisition Models: Determine how to acquire the right customers that will remain loyal and will grow your business over time.
    • Pre-acquisition
    • Post-acquisition
  • Basket Analysis: Conduct review of customer purchasing patterns to examine cross-sell/upsell potential.
  • Propensity to Buy: Review characteristics of customers who have purchased products to find similar customer groups with an affinity to purchase.